This page does not contain medical advice. It does contain an attempt to break through the matrix that has implanted virtually every thought into every brain on this planet. The pandemic is a hoax and there is absolutely no scientific evidence for any sort of lethal coronavirus outbreak. It is complete nonsense. The simple fact of this worldwide conspiracy is evidence that those that have researched the true controllers of this planet have been right all along. Nothing on this page is conspiracy theory. These are facts compiled by historians and intelligent researchers. This page is provided simply as an informational starting point for people to do their own research. If you believe you have any medical condition, call a doctor or in an emergency call 911.

This analogy is not hyperbole. This website was put together by a WWII historian, who has a degree from studying 20th Century European history, and who has studied the Nazi party for most of his life. Unfortunately, the majority of conventional history is a complete fabrication. The Nazis won. And they’re back. This time, though, the death sites are called “quarantine camps” instead of concentration camps.

The media is responsible for all of this and they would prefer that you ignore the thousands of doctors and scientists that are speaking out instead of kowtowing to the terrorists behind this hoax.

This is a direct assault on your family and your children by terrorists that have been elevated to their position by a foreign power in control of our intelligence agencies.

The media is the enemy. Social media companies commit treason every second by stifling the free flow of information. It is time for justice. These people are guilty of murder, arson, looting, everything they have encouraged they should be charged with. The riots these evil cultists have incited over politics are the literal definition of terrorism. Justice must be served.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube (owned by Google), and all the rest of these organizations (including the television media) are not media companies. All of these are part of a foreign military invasion. American intelligence agencies are part of this, and have been enabling the subversion of our society since their creation.

This has all been made possible by a cult of terrorists that has infiltrated everything in secret. Only a worldwide movement of good men willing to openly hunt those that are killing our children can stop this from continuing.

Watch the following and wake up:

Fall of the Cabal

The Great Reset and the Man Behind the Curtain – spoiler alert, globalist is a synonym for terrorist, these demons want to put your family in concentration “quarantine” camps.

And how about this guy openly calling for a new Trail of Tears for anybody the government contact tracers might deem symptomatic for something that DOES NOT EXIST?

That piece of shit is a Nazi. Are you waiting for them to start waving swastika flags? Because if you are waiting for Twitter or your TV to broadcast these people admitting to a worldwide depopulation agenda then you have already lost.


Warning of the coronavirus before anyone else is evidence of being an insider. Calling for concentration camps when there is no evidence of a virus at all? This piece of shit owes America an explanation. Of course, there is no explanation other than what I have laid out here, so there is really only one other option. All traitors deserve the same.

Again, if you have come here looking for information about coronavirus cures or other covid-19 cures or treatments, that is not our concern. Our concern is the coordinated worldwide disinformation campaign concerning the fake coronavirus pandemic. Only a system of control so enormous that it engulfs every nation on earth could be responsible for this. Since every last human being on earth has become the target of these terrorists, there are no more governments. It is us vs. them. Nothing else. The only solution is to research as much as you possibly can and try to wake up those around you. Form neighborhood militias, arm yourselves to the teeth, organize and prepare for war.

Terrorists are coming for your family. They call themselves “officials” and pontificate as if the “elections” had not been decided by a foreign adversary subverting the process. and countless others like this one are documenting this nefarious plan with hard evidence. Since there is absolutely no evidence of any coronavirus pandemic, I think the verdict is in for anyone with enough courage to look at the facts and realize that everything is a lie. Virtually everything the media has ever broadcasted is simply an effort to control and subjugate the human mind.

When doctors become terrorists, patients become infantry.

When teachers become terrorists, parents become infantry.

Sic semper tyrannis.

That is all there is to it. Everything is much simpler than it seems. We are ruled by an evil cult of terrorists whose primary weapon is currency.

There is no other explanation.

Don’t take our word for it, follow some links that will bring you outside the media matrix and draw your own conclusions. Here are some more starting points for the research we are encouraging you to do:

The “Plandemic” documentary should be viewed by everyone.


Tony Fauci is the most vile traitor in American history, bar none. Possibly in world history, since Judas and Brutus only sold out one guy. Fauci sold out the entire planet when he teamed with Harvard to assist China in launching a worldwide bioterrorist attack. Yes, Fauci handed the CDC over to Chinese terrorists. This motherfucker is THE ENEMY. This is not a swamp creature, this is the most dangerous terrorist on earth. Time to recognize it for what it is.

We suggest researching those doctors that are actually treating patients. Fauci it appears is pushing the exact agenda of not-a-doctor Bill Gates and not-a-doctor Tedros the communist head of the Chinese-controlled WHO. Just two non-doctors using a non-practitioner to completely dictate the future of the planet and everyone on it, nothing to see there I suppose. The only solution is contact tracing, trust us.

Have you got it figured yet? Here’s the real news: this is draconian fascism, and there is no difference between anyone wearing a mask and the Nazis wearing armbands. Furthermore, even those that are in the dark about all of this but are still wearing masks should not be considered any different than the rank-and-file Nazis. Nothing can be accomplished without the rank-and-file morons, which is why you see BLM, Antifa, the MSM, and all the other feral animal gangs causing such havoc.

In the end, anybody that is not a mask-Nazi will be termed a white supremacist or a racist, or to be suffering from mental illness or toxic masculinity. None of those are the case, the only people not wearing masks are the people that still have free minds. The mask is a symbol of submission: slaves used to wear them for that reason, and nothing has changed. Wearing a mask is an occult symbol that you accept your servitude and you accept domination by a foreign military.

Dr. Fauci has not been wrong, this was all planned from the beginning. Think it is a coincidence that he sold us out through Harvard, and that all of the “doctors” warning about the plandemic first just happen to be employed by that particular Chinese military installation? Or that to this very day Harvard is still terrorizing Americans and demanding lockdowns. Every last one of those people is a Chinese terrorist that needs to be brought to trial for crimes against humanity.

RFK Jr. has accused Fauci of “poisoning an entire generation of Americans” and that is no minor accusation. However, it stops short of pointing out that Fauci is leading a Chinese invasion, but I will gladly point that out all the long day.

Mengele must be jealous.

The REAL Doctors

Again, one of the main names you need to know is Dr. Judy Mikovits. Her claims that Fauci and the Deep State destroyed her career because her research suggested they had erred should be investigated fully and charges should be brought.


Kaufman is absolutely correct, do not miss this man’s work. Genetic modification is population control, these terrorists want to genetically modify everyone on the planet so that they can seize control of worldwide reproduction. That goes hand-in-hand with the concentration camps, err, I mean the “quarantine” camps.

Here are some of the other medical doctors that have been treating actual patients:

Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi – these are the California doctors that used their own data to draw their own conclusions about the “pandemic” and our curious response to it. Naturally it was censored by YouTube because people are not allowed to think for themselves on Terrorist Big Tech.

Dr. Ivette Lozano is reporting that pharmacies are breaking the law by demanding private medical information when receiving prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine. More here.

Dr. Robin Armstrong claims to have found success treating nursing home patients with HCQ.

“Thousands of Doctors: Yes, Hydroxychloroquine Works Against Wuhan Coronavirus” – From

Take Control of Your Domain Names

More from Dr. Erickson. And moar.

Look into the work of Dr. Rashid Buttar on his official YouTube page. Or on his Twitter page.

What else have they known since at least 2005?

Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns

But what’s this?

Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood: “The Cure That Time Forgot”?

And what is this totally random link to something unrelated to coronaviruses, covid, or other biological disorders and diseases?


Re-elect Donald Trump. We have no other choice to avoid catastrophe.

If you still aren’t convinced we need to keep President Trump at the helm, watch “Out of Shadows” and look at his war on human trafficking, which is beyond the scope of this site. Nothing new under the sun.

Still think all Trump supporters are just racist? Or maybe we just know things like this?

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